Sad Ending for another Bakery

Final bread baked at Channel Island Bakery and Warry’s Bakery

The final loaves of bread have been baked by Jersey’s Channel Island Bakery and Warry’s Bakery in Guernsey.

The bakeries – both operated by Cimandis – made their last batches of loaves on Friday and they have since been distributed.

The company announced the closures last month and confirmed earlier that production had stopped.

A spokesman said competition from cheaper, imported bread had led to the decision to close the operations.

The bakeries employed 44 staff in Jersey and 36 in Guernsey.

‘State of flux’

Mario Pirozzollo, from Empire Catering in Jersey, said 60% of his company’s bread supply had come from Cimandis.

He said his costs would inevitably rise as a result of having to import greater quantities.

“We’re in a state of flux at the moment,” he said.

“The freight charge to get a pallet of bread over is quite considerable, bearing in mind that bread is very low density.”

Mr Pirozzollo said he would freeze more imported bread in order to ensure he could continue to supply his customers.

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