Kingsmill launch Great White Rolls

By Lesley Foottit

Kingsmill has launched Great White Rolls following the success of the launch of the loaf by the same name earlier this year.
In the three months since Kingsmill, owned by Allied Bakeries, launched the Great White, sales have grown to hold an 8% unit share of the 800g standard white bread sector.
Allied Bakeries hopes the rolls, which are also white bread with as much fibre as wholemeal, will help drive growth in the rolls sector.
“Rolls are a great opportunity for retailers to drive trial, increase incremental sales and secure repeat purchase, particularly during the summer BBQ season,” said a spokesperson.
The company advised bakers to supply a range of rolls to cater for all consumers. It now produces Great White Rolls; Wholemeal Rolls; 50/50 Rolls; and Soft White White Rolls
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Bread dropped from sugary foods list

Action on Sugar has removed bread from its list of unhealthy foods, following direct action from the Federation of Bakers (FoB).
The FoB was concerned that by including bread in the campaign, it was misleading to consumers and that eating bread was not something to be discouraged.
Last month Action on Sugar called for the introduction of a sugar tax and called on a reformulation to reduce sugar by 40% – and included bread on a list of products it claimed had too much sugar.
Gordon Polson, director of FoB, told British Baker: “The industry needs to reassure the general public that bread is not high in sugar, and is a valuable part of a healthy diet. White bread typically does not have any added sugar and is usually all naturally occurring. Even if a small amount of sugar is added (for example in some wholemeal loaves), the ‘total sugars’ in bread are still below 4g per 100g, and so will be classified as ‘low sugar content’ and coded green on front-of-pack voluntary information (anything containing 5g of sugar or less).”
In response to this, Action on Sugar said: “We did include bread in the list of products containing ‘large amounts of sugar’, which Action on Sugar acknowledges is not accurate, especially as much is naturally occurring. The table on the website however, is a list of ‘Amounts of sugars per portion of some well-known food and drink products’, and is a useful guide for shoppers to be aware to check the label.”
This reaction followed Action on Sugar’s seven-step plan to reduce the nation’s sugar intake to tackle obesity. Part of this plan included reducing added sugar in foods by 40% and introducing a sugar tax on foods.
Sugar tax “flawed”
Polson argued that the levels of sugar in bread are proportionately low, and did not need to be targeted.
He said: “Linking a sugar tax to the sugar content in bread is extremely flawed. Even if a sugar tax was suggested by politicians, it would never apply to a product that is low in natural sugar, such as bread. To suggest otherwise, does not recognise the reality of such a proposal.
“It’s worth noting the levels of naturally occurring sugar in common everyday, healthy foods to help put the sugar content of bread into context. For example, bananas contain 20g per 100g, apples 11g, and porridge with whole milk 4.8g.”
The recent Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) report, backed by the Action on Sugar campaign, advised the government that the recommended daily sugar intake should be cut by half. This is the equivalent of 25g of sugar a day for women and 35g for men.
Polson also pointed out that part of the report reiterated that carbohydrates should be 50% of dietary energy.
He said: “It is therefore important that consumers continue to eat bread as part of a healthy, balanced diet. Bread plays a vital role in UK diets providing many nutritional benefits, contributing to our carbohydrate, fibre, iron, calcium and thiamine intakes.”
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Those silly words in meetings

I was smiling to myself this week when i was in a meeting with 3 guys from a big bakery business. They are so professional that to take their professionalism to another level they have to use silly words to make it sound even cleverer than it is. What I mean is better known as ” Corporate words that are not needed”. We have all heard the old classics like “thinking out of the box” when you need to use your imagination even more to come up with another way of selling the same stuff. “Blue sky thinking” is another one that makes me smile, does it mean stare out of the window till an idea pops into your head? There are loads of these sayings and I have listed a few below for your amusement. If anyone wants to add some more please feel free to comment on them, but I don’t think you will come up with many sillier than one I read last week that said that “Google is a discreet sortation device”, it’s priceless isn’t it?

The list so far of corporate words that annoy you or make you smile:

Low hanging fruit, for the easy to get customer

Pre-eminent supplier, don’t know what that means, maybe use a discreet sortation device to look that up!

Shared governance, does that mean we all have to take responsibility?

Verbalise a concept, means just talk it through

DNA of the company, love that one. The companies soul

Full community buy in, does that mean that everyone will take part in a project

At the end of the day, classic. I go home

Anymore you can add please feel free.

By the way the saying that made me smile in that meeting was..

.I would like to “sense-check” some pricing with you. I think he meant I would like your thoughts!!

Warburtons to become Warbeartons

Warburtons will become Warbeartons as it announces a partnership with Paddington Bear this November.
The brand has made a strategic move to help launch the new Paddington film this autumn. As part of the plan, Warburtons will rebrand six million of its half&half products to become ‘Warbeartons’.
The brand claims there is a natural collaboration between the film and Warburtons, which are both well-known British names. It hopes the branding on the half&half range will drive “excitement and interest” in the “mum-friendly” range.
This is the first time the brand has changed its name in its 138-year history, and it is all down to the marmalade-loving bear.
Megan Harrison, brand and portfolio director, Warburtons, said: “Paddington and Warburtons are much-loved British institutions; Paddington is also famous for his marmalade sandwiches, making Warburtons and Paddington the perfect match. Here at Warburtons, many of us have grown up with Paddington and we were delighted to team up with him.”
Nicholas Durbridge, chairman of The Copyrights Group, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Warburtons. With both Warburtons and Paddington being such well-known family brands, we feel this is the perfect match and we are very much looking forward to all of the activities Warburtons has planned this year for Paddington. With the first-ever Paddington movie launching on 28 November, there are going to be lots more exciting adventures to come.”
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VW Campervan Retro Toaster FREE

Why not enter our competition to win a fantastic VW camper van retro toaster that would like great fun in anyones kitchen. Even better if you have an actual camper van you could use it in that. Its free to enter as are all our bakery related competitions. You just to the link to enter on our Facebook page or tweet me @mrbakestone.

Good Luck

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Wholemeal Bread


Coultons Bread Ltd, one of the UK’s leading distribution bakeries, is launching a new 700g wholemeal thick slice under the Happy Bread name.

The new loaf has been developed specifically to put a smile on the independent retailers faces by offering them a great value wholemeal loaf the same price as the white bread version.

Coultons have worked tirelessly to provide smaller shops with a loaf with which they can fight back against the supermarkets who are selling major brand names at £1

The range now consists of White Thick, White Medium and now the new Wholemeal thick version. The branding also includes the logo of mrhappybread on the packaging.

this range has been hugely successful in helping small shops and convenience stores keep a happy face on their customers.

To place an order for Happy Bread call Coultons Bread Ltd on 0151 523 8226