Wholemeal Bread


Coultons Bread Ltd, one of the UK’s leading distribution bakeries, is launching a new 700g wholemeal thick slice under the Happy Bread name.

The new loaf has been developed specifically to put a smile on the independent retailers faces by offering them a great value wholemeal loaf the same price as the white bread version.

Coultons have worked tirelessly to provide smaller shops with a loaf with which they can fight back against the supermarkets who are selling major brand names at £1

The range now consists of White Thick, White Medium and now the new Wholemeal thick version. The branding also includes the logo of mrhappybread on the packaging.

this range has been hugely successful in helping small shops and convenience stores keep a happy face on their customers.

To place an order for Happy Bread call Coultons Bread Ltd on 0151 523 8226


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