Those silly words in meetings

I was smiling to myself this week when i was in a meeting with 3 guys from a big bakery business. They are so professional that to take their professionalism to another level they have to use silly words to make it sound even cleverer than it is. What I mean is better known as ” Corporate words that are not needed”. We have all heard the old classics like “thinking out of the box” when you need to use your imagination even more to come up with another way of selling the same stuff. “Blue sky thinking” is another one that makes me smile, does it mean stare out of the window till an idea pops into your head? There are loads of these sayings and I have listed a few below for your amusement. If anyone wants to add some more please feel free to comment on them, but I don’t think you will come up with many sillier than one I read last week that said that “Google is a discreet sortation device”, it’s priceless isn’t it?

The list so far of corporate words that annoy you or make you smile:

Low hanging fruit, for the easy to get customer

Pre-eminent supplier, don’t know what that means, maybe use a discreet sortation device to look that up!

Shared governance, does that mean we all have to take responsibility?

Verbalise a concept, means just talk it through

DNA of the company, love that one. The companies soul

Full community buy in, does that mean that everyone will take part in a project

At the end of the day, classic. I go home

Anymore you can add please feel free.

By the way the saying that made me smile in that meeting was..

.I would like to “sense-check” some pricing with you. I think he meant I would like your thoughts!!

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