Bakestone to Launch Brite Bread

Coulton’s Bread Ltd, based in Liverpool and one of the UK’s leading distribution bakery operators, has launched its NEW Bakestone Brite loaf.




The new range has been developed specifically because the healthier option bread market does not have a retail long loaf. Some of the difficulty in creating a name that is punchy but also describes the product has been overcome with a simple but ingenious word play of Brown and White. The first two letters from Brown and the last three letters from White make it a simple name to remember.

The Healthier bread market includes a whole host of trademark names such as Kingsmill’s 50/50, Best of Both from Hovis and Warburtons’ Half and Half.

The Brite range currently comprises of one core product, a thick sliced long loaf, containing 20 slices. If successful, there are plans to extend the range to include everyone at Bakestone. The launcgdate is 17/11/2104

The branding has also been designed to give the product maximum standout on shelf, and sees the use of golden yellow and brown packaging, colours not generally used in sliced bread packaging design, yet linked with cheerfulness, creativity and nature. The launch will be promoted by introducing a PMP product priced at £1 to give it maximum saleability in the shops. The long loaf also offers better value for caterers, increasing their sandwich yield per loaf.

Coultons Bread comments:

“Bakestone has already become an iconic brand in many parts of the UK and we think it fills a real gap in the market for a great tasting value loaf. The range looks great and provides a strong commercial offering to retailers. We’re looking forward to seeing it spreading Briteness throughout the UK over the coming year!”

Coulton’s Bread Ltd

Tel: 0151 523 8226

or follow @Mr_Bakestone on Twitter

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