Bakestone launch brand new Brite Bread

New image day of the bread and slices

One thought on “Bakestone launch brand new Brite Bread

  1. For Howard Hunter – Re: Outstanding Customer Service!!
    Dear Mr Hunter,
    I am writing to express my gratitude towards members of your staff within your company that I have recently been in touch with, Mr Gerry Gorman and Darren Little.
    Upon driving to work on the morning of 22nd October, I was in a minor collision with one of your van drivers on the B5286 Ambleside to Hawkshead road. The delivery driver, Darren Little was very attentive yet apologetic and made sure of my wellbeing before he traded contact details with me and pledged to sort out my broken wing mirror.
    Since the incident occurred Mr Gerry Gorman (Depot Manager at Carlisle) has endeavoured to remedy the situation, even driving to Kendal (where I live) with a mechanic (who was polite, friendly, efficient and answered to the name of Stuart!) to fix the wing mirror in person. The honest nature of Mr Gorman is something not often seen these days and I am very appreciative for the way he handled the situation. (The fact he made a visit and gave the personal touch reassured me he was of good character and genuine).
    It is obvious you have high expectations and instil a caring and sensitive approach to customer service. This attitude compliments your employees and as you quite rightly say’…you have to earn it and that includes respect’, well you certainly have mine and so do your employees!
    Therefore I would like to say a huge thank you to you and your excellent staff and sincerely wish you all the very best (I hear it is a new venture, the depot in Carlisle) and success for the future.
    Thanks again for such efficient service.

    Ms Stella Hunt.


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