Are you bread body ready?

There has been uproar over a recent Protein World advertising campaign promoting weight loss and skinny women.

The advert which featured a model in a bikini asking, “Are You Beach Body Ready?” has now been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority over concerns of its claim for weight loss.

The ad campaign, which featured predominantly around London’s tube stations, received 360 complaints and caused uproar on social media stating that it objectified women.

Anyway, Carlsberg saw an opportunity and  jumped on the back of the controversial advert with their own usual humorous spin on things, and made their own parody ad campaign, ‘Are You Beer Body Ready?’

Bread body ready

Their ad was strategically placed in close proximity to Protein Works’ as you can see below.


And it worked brilliantly! Dharmesh Rana, senior brand manager at Carlsberg UK, said: “At Carlsberg, we’re not bothered about beer drinkers being beach body ready, our priority is ensuring they’re able to enjoy a nice, cold Carlsberg without worrying about their appearance”

Which led us to think, ‘here at Bakestone, we also are not bothered about our bread eaters being beach body ready!’

Our priority is also to ensure that our customers can enjoy a nice, warm slice of Bakestone bread, with a nice big slab of butter on (and maybe jam) without worrying about their appearance as well!’

That is why we have decided to remind the public that it is not about having an amazing skinny body and losing weight this summer, it’s about enjoying a slice of Bakestone bread – be it in a triple decker sandwich or as a slice of toast – whether you’re on Blackpool beach or at home!

Bakestone bread body ready

Bakestone bread, gluten free

Gluttons for gluten free

Gluten free produce is everywhere nowadays and health conscious people are buying it in bulk – but has anyone stopped to think, ‘is gluten actually bad for you?’

Everywhere I go I see gluten free this, gluten free that… Newburn Bakehouse by Warburtons make gluten free bread, the supermarkets stock gluten free soup and you can even crack open a can of gluten free beer! But what actually is gluten? And why are more and more people wanting to steer clear of it?

According to “gluten is a general name for the proteins found in wheat, rye, barley and triticale… it helps foods maintain their shape, acting as a glue that holds food together.” It has 4 basic functions when it comes to baking; it acts as a binder, adds structure and elasticity – and helps with water retention.

That doesn’t sound too bad, does it? It helps our loaves become bouncy and moist. So gluten is good, right?  In general, yes… unless you have coeliac disease or another form of irritable bowel syndrome that is.

Coeliac disease is a digestive condition where people have an adverse reaction to certain food types and gluten in particular. Symptoms are pretty nasty, too. It causes bloating, abdominal pain, weight loss, tiredness, malnutrition… but luckily, it only affects around 1% of people.

So why are people without bowel conditions avoiding gluten? I think that people have been fed false information and just seen it as ‘gluten is bad for you’, full stop. When in fact, bread and wholegrain bread in particular is full of B vitamins, fibre, iron and in a balanced diet can reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

So unless you have coeliac disease or another form of IBS you can (and should) carry on toasting,and making sandwiches.  Keep bread as a British staple and buy Bakestone!

Keep calm and eat bakestone bread!