The Beast from the East, a week in the Bakery industry to forget!

My thoughts on this tough week in our business


Everyone of our staff have been amazing this last week in getting into work. I would personally like to thank all them. Some ares of the North have been particularly bad, Newcastle and Carlisle to name a few. The earlier part of the week saw some major disruption to our operations up there. Temperatures at night have been freezing and the night shifts have gone the extra mile working in those conditions.

Thursday onwards saw Caernarfon depot suffer in parts and we had a fantastic response with the team in there, so well done again to all of you.

The temperatures for everyone has been really cold and the phones and emails have kept us all very busy in planning what was coming into us for distribution. We prioritised the NHS accounts first as we saw those accounts obviously as very vital, given the work the hospital staff do for all of us. Our customers have been very understanding as well.


Our suppliers have been immense too and pulled out all the stops to ensure that we got our bread delivered into us for distribution.

So thank you again for all your efforts and hopefully this time next week the weather will be a little kinder.