New Products

I can’t believe that we are nearing Easter , time really does go quickly when you are busy and making sure that you have all the products and offer a good delivery service to your customers. We have newly listed some products and re-designed packaging on our bakery favourites since February so here is a snapshot so far how we are doing.

New Products

We have started selling a range of Polish sourdough breads baked by Polish Village bakery and supplying many new customers in Bradford, Liverpool and Manchester.We also deliver to their customers on their behalf to provide a logistics service for them.


Our Bakestone Price marked bread has had a new design and relaunch and that has proved very popular.Our existing customers are still showing support and our bread sales are increasing on this range with like for like sales.


Long life Hot Cross Buns are selling like hot cakes and why wouldn’t they. Shops can fill their shelves with them and have no waste, plus maximising sales as they always have them on shelf.

Hot X Buns

Export sales going well as we now supply a customer in the Cayman Islands. All in all a very busy couple of months,


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