I thought I would talk to you about Doughnuts and the fact that it is #National Doughnut week. Introducing our brand new range of doughnuts ourselves and priced to be affordable alternative to the brands that are well know out there.

3 ring doughnut pack

Our new packaging is light and the box is solid so that you can get them home undamaged. There 3 different types in a box and my favourite one is definitely the Lemon topped variety. They taste fresh, light and not greasy at all. We are distributing this range under the “Ann’s sweets” as there will be more cake products introduced as the year moves by.

The name is derived from ‘dough’, which is what the rings are typically made from. There are two common spellings of the dessert; doughnut and donut. The former is considered the UK spelling and the latter the Americanised version. … lists doughnutas the primary spelling, with donut as an alternative.

We will be launching at the end on May and initially the shops that will have them on sale will be in Liverpool and Manchester areas. For those business who are going to have a good sell through rate we will also supply a free display stand to help display our products.

4 layers for our products.

Any enquiries can be made by emailing our

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