Smaller bakeries in a whole world of pain in 2019

Since the beginning of this year we have seen small wholesale bakeries closing down or going bust due to the economic position we find ourselves in. Manchester has lost 3 wholesale bakers and Liverpool has lost 1.These were good businesses that were family run and operated for many years before closing.

How can this have happened?

Several factors for this is the ongoing increases in wages each April. I agree that a fair pay is the minimum any worker should receive for a fair days pay, but bakeries cannot seem to pass on these extra costs to their customers as they just won’t accept as they too are in the same boat as everyone else. The pension scheme that the government added a further burden to businesses already trying to go about their day to day operations.

What can we do?

Really? the answer is support your local bakery or business in any case. If your £1 is spent in the shop it stays in the community. We don’t want to see shops closing and bakeries failing just because the supermarket is cheaper.

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