Serve up sumptuous French toast

eggy breadFrench toast is enjoyed around the world but here in the UK the toasted breakfast treat is more lovingly known as “eggy bread”. It has been a firm favourite for a long time and can be enjoyed in many ways. Some people love to sweeten it up with a side of fruit and syrups, whereas others stick to a savoury accompaniment of a dollop of red or brown sauce.

French toast is often made from stale bread. This is not only a way to use it up and prevent it from being wasted; it actually produces the best French toast, as stale bread absorbs more of the mixture than fresh. If you have even one day old bread spare, you are ready to create the most fantastic “eggy bread”.

You don’t want your French toast to turn out limp and soggy, so there are a few steps you can take to ensure it comes out as it should. Leaving your slices out overnight to dry ensures the bread will soak up the perfect amount of egg mixture. When you come to soak the bread in the mixture you infuse it with a custard, which always tastes better when it is made with cream. Try substituting the milk for a double cream and you are sure to see and taste the difference.

Butter is a big deal with this bread dish. You need enough butter in the pan to ensure your bread is crisped instead of steamed and to give your toast that unmistakeable flavour. If you wish, you can make your toast crunchy by adding a little flour to the egg and milk before you whip it up. When frying for a large number of people, keep your already prepared slices warm in a 300 degree oven as you cook.

When your toast is ready all that is left to do is perfect it with your favourite topping. Place the slices on a platter so they overlap slightly and if desired, sweeten them up with a light sprinkling of sugar. If butter is your preference keep it softened and if syrup is your ideal choice keep it warm. As a reputable name in bread supply for the North of England businesses, we love to help our clients and customers make the best of their bread products. Follow these tips for delicious French toast and an economical way to make great use of stale bread.