The UK’s Top sandwich fillings


There is no getting away from the fact that here in the UK we seem to love nothing more than a sandwich for our lunch. 2015 saw many surveys of people all over the country to discover the fillings that people favour for their midday meal.

The cheese and pickle sandwich has been ranked many times as the nation’s favourite. This has long been a quintessential lunchbox staple and even TV chef Jamie Oliver has expressed his admiration, stating the reason it works is that “the crunch of the pickle perfectly complements the softness of the cheese”.

Fish fillings have become popular as more people embrace the once seemingly odd fish finger sandwich, enhanced with condiments such as brown sauce, tomato ketchup and mayonnaise. Another fish-based filler to make the list was tuna mayo. Often found on cafe and restaurant menus as a jacket potato filling, it has now found its way into our lunchtime sandwiches.

Chicken salad remains as popular as ever, and although lettuce, tomato and onion seem to the preferred accompaniments, many eateries and establishments are now going for more exotic and fruitier options such as mango. Steak is no longer found only on the main dish page; it is now often served between two baguette slices and is a firm favourite for a luxurious lunchtime snack.

Turkey sandwiches are not just for Christmas. They can be found on many sandwich boards throughout the year and with the holidays approaching this classic offering will likely be very popular. Adding stuffing gives it a festive twist and makes it a real seasonal treasure.

Finally, the British love affair with the beloved BLT still burns strong. Following its emergence at the beginning of the 20th century, the popularity of the BLT grew after its ingredients became popular in supermarkets all year round and it is now included in every menu up and down the country.

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